Automate your sales planning to improve your bottom line and gain a competitive edge.

Sales planning can be time consuming, tedious and difficult to measure. Many companies spend an average of 40%-60% of their time on sales planning activities that could be automated with a little bit of effort.


Align your sales team for success

Take advantage of our top-notch services to simplify your sales planning process. Save time and effort by automating tasks that consume 40%-60% of your valuable resources. With our experts on hand, we provide efficient and personalized sales planning services. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on growing your business. Experience hassle-free sales planning with McAlign.

Sales Objectives

Boost your sales team's performance with strategic sales objectives! Aligning your team with company goals is a game-changer for remarkable results. But it's not just about setting targets—it's about making them SMART!

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Territory Planning

Implementation of territory management provides opportunities for growth in areas where demand is high but resources are insufficient. Invest in smart territory planning to maximize your reach and exploit untapped potential.

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Quota Planning

Unleash your sales potential with dynamic Quota Planning! Optimize performance by aligning targets across territories, products, and sales roles. Use data-driven metrics to propel your organization to goal-crushing success.

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Aligning your sales team with your Sales Objective is crucial to Achieving Results

Setting up Sales Objectives can be time consuming, tedious and difficult to measure. Aligning your sales team with your company's goals is crucial to achieving results. It’s not just about setting up Sales Objectives and setting targets, it's about ensuring that those targets are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound) and aligning incentives with the macro, strategic and financial objectives of your organization—and ensuring that salespeople focus on achieving these results rather than solely their own personal targets

Create a plan for achieving sales revenue and profit goals.

Define the amount of anticipated sales allocated by product, territory, or person

Define Channel Mix, Target Offering(s), Capability and Engagement Model

Manage how sales are executed against the existing sales budget

What actions can you take to make sure you hit your target sales revenue and profit goals?


Sales Objectives help align your sales team with your company's goals, ensuring everyone is working towards a common objective. By setting SMART targets, you can track progress, motivate your team, and achieve remarkable results.

Yes, Sales Objectives can be modified according to changes in business needs or market conditions. With McAlign's Sales Planning services, you can regularly evaluate and adapt your objectives to ensure they remain challenging and achievable, ensuring the success of your team.

Territory Planning should be done periodically, considering factors such as market changes, organizational growth, and sales team dynamics. With territory management techniques, you will be able to regularly assess territories that are aligned with evolving business needs and maximize sales efficiency.

Territory Planning can be done manually, but leveraging specialised software offers significant advantages. With Mcalign’s territory management training and territory management services, the organization can save time and enhance accuracy.

Effective quota management and sales planning involve considering historical performance, market potential, individual abilities, and overall business objectives when setting sales quotas. Using data analytics, market research, and sales insights, you can set challenging yet achievable quotas.

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