The Evolution of Revops in 2023

A comprehensive report on the latest trends and best practices in revenue operations

According to McAlign’s survey of over 100 RevOps executives, unlocking Revops potential is the key for improved Sales Performance and delivering value to the business.

In this report, we highlight the insights on the current state of the field, as well as their predictions for the future. We've also included data and analysis from industry experts to provide a well-rounded view of the RevOps landscape in 2023.

Download the Evolution of Revops in 2023 to learn more about:

  • The growing usage of Revops solutions across Sales & Marketing teams
  • The critical role of investment into right Revops solution for driving revenue growth
  • The increasing focus on data unification to get key insights for better Sales planning
  • The scope of automation across all activities related to sales planning and performance management

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